Desktop Standard

Release: Oreon Lime (R2)

SHA-256: f45732793deb512c70a7973b3894860a1edb211e0f65f35239be0e9dd91851c1

Desktop Business+

Release details

  • Based on AlmaLinux
  • Optional Flathub addon
  • Anaconda Installer
  • Low system requirements
  • Firefox Browser
  • EPEL repositories
  • Docker support for containers (pre-installed out of the box on Desktop Business+)
  • Familiar layout compared to other OSes
  • Moderate customization
  • Nouveau, AMD, and Intel drivers out of the box
  • Full uEFI support
  • LibreOffice Suite for Desktop Business+
  • GIMP pre-installed
  • Inkscape pre-installed
  • Full WINE support for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (pre-installed out of the box)
  • Lutris (pre-installed out of the box on Desktop Standard)
  • Keylime (pre-installed out of the box on Desktop Business+)
  • NTFS filesystem support
  • RPM Fusion out of the box

Desktop Standard versus Desktop Business+

Desktop Standard Desktop Business+
Flathub: Yes Flathub: Yes
Firefox: Yes Firefox: Yes
Docker: No Docker: Yes
LibreOffice: No LibreOffice: Yes
Inkscape: Yes Inkscape: Yes
WINE Support: Yes WINE Support: Yes
Lutris: Yes Lutris: No
Keylime: No Keylime: Yes
RPM Fusion: Yes RPM Fusion: Yes